this many kitties in one morning...

she lives at Wertz, i don't remember her name. but we love each other.

she's playing with my necklace through the window. kill me.

oh, who's this?! same guy i posted a week or so ago...he was homeless then, now he's a shop cat and his name is Squash. but he should be my cat. i may be cheating on billy a little bit. just look at this man....he's so handsome!

i want him

below kitty seemed nice. he lives with SQUASH!

see how bad i want him, he loves me too! obviously!!!
Squash + Mackenzie 4-ever
look how tiny he bees!!!

below kitty was so very nice. she had a white spot on her tail. she lives by the post office. she's got a VERY fancy porch. (yikes)

oh and below kitty on a leash lives across the street. he talks a lot. and i love him too, but not like i love Squash. just sayin.

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liss said...

Why you be lovin those keekits so much? Cause they all be handsome?