so many birthday photos...for you mona! we miss u

g and matilda drew on the porch stairs. bottom is a monster man by M, sun by G, and upper left is "Nini" but the first letter has hair, cause nini had long hair. :)

Star Wars Birthday Party:

george said he was going to sleep. .. on miss tara bell

birthday boys.

silly string fight:
as soon as we were allowed to start spraying, she went for me. and just spent the first bottle...on me.

she made a silly string ball...that she threw, at me.

dinner and cake:


malissa and i made the top friendship bracelet for her, no big deal.

3-D glasses, for the dinnerware. sweet!

cake and darth

g and his pop

George breakdancing:

miss matilda wren:

a painting by miss wren. it's mitchell, tara and tonya. ha...
cuddling with her uncle pike
and then kicking him...nice. :)

i made her pose like this...haha...rubber band guns are fun.
photo shoot:
my fave dress on her. so very pretty!

george in his uncle peach's hat!

he loves these sunglasses. he ran into the room all action movie like...just to show them to me.

matilda's back pack: i love looking in kids bags. it's so awesome to see what they love and carry around...
she has a stuffed dog hooked to the inside by a keychain...poor dog.
her empty purse...oh wait, she did have like 6 colored buttons in that one pocket.
her blanket filled with small stuffed animals.
kings lsland map in plastic, just in case she spilled ice cream or pop on it.
the x's are rides she can't ride. --so rad!
a game she made...it's like candy land she said, and it's called Donut House!!! fun time

bed time:

her first tooth, gone gone gone
friendship bracelets:
emb floss and chic-o-sticks...

tonya, trying to teach herself how to fishtail...watching youtube, tappin her foot to some horrible music, in her own world. :)

oh and last but not least, the turtle mom made ...he came to the party too.

mona, and mom and grams...we miss you like mad.


Liss said...

Best 3-D b-day ever! Thanks T and P! Ha ha TP!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo-me an miss matilda totally carry the same shit around in our purse, embroidery floss, food, stuffed toys, buttons... we have soooo much in common.