my favorite hands hard at work.

birthday party times!!!

the Gunns
(how good is that balloon arch?!)


whiskey chased with pickle juice. brilliant.

Hope, one of the birthday gals.

Julia, another birthday gal!!!

babes, Lizzy and Beth. love them both so.

um, yah. i'm totally down with this.
just sayin.

happy birthday to you girls.

new friends and new food.

always good.

south philly love.

a few more florida photos my sister sent me.

we love each other, can you tell?

shad fest

grams letter matches this sweet tracker. nbd

postcard from alex!

it's a sticker too!!!


happy almost easter times. ...

this person always has the best window!


kewl stuff.

happy birthday tricia!!!

yep. she's 29. can you guess which is the cake and which is the cat?

burnin wood. drinkin brews. no big deal.

the birthday corner.

fun times.