hair update.

i got zack on two accounts...
longer hair, and bigger zit on my chin

thank you mother nature.

so good to me.

a hat, OK! bear, a basket of fake flowers, and 3 pairs of kids sunglasses.
now that's what i call a cheer me up bucket.
thank you grown man.

couple of impostors if you ask me ...


and above is a scotty...i promise.
can you see his ears?

sad, yet so beautiful.


that's fake chicken btw. Quorn chicken btw.
yep. it's true.

dear crystal,

he loves the pile of clothes too...
thank you.

how Ivins... how?

how are your spiced wafers so gooooood'ta me?

roof deck date with Lessel (not featured in this post)

we thought my shirt looked just like those pretty clouds.
that shirt was my momma's. ... s'good one right?!

isn't she beautiful?

uhg, johnny, why are you so rad?

why do you love the Phillies kitty? why?

yer so cool

Zack turned 13 yrs old!!! woop woop


gals (photos by Ansel)...he likes the zoom. ;)

my zack and my tricia

zack's new beautiful tattoo

happy year older!


dear everyone,

wings and pizza in bed
here are the images you requested.
thank you for your interest.

i heart you two beauties.



this is old. and it makes me laugh every single time i watch it.
they thought i was taking a photo....
i love it when i can pull this off.

meet Randy. she belongs to Crystal

crazy kid.

this gal blows my mind...."meet" Crystal Stokowski

if you ever get the chance to hug her, do it.
if you ever get the chance to hang out with her, do it.
if you ever get the chance to be in her presence, ... you're lucky.

she inspires me.

p.s. i love you.