random cool

these are some random photos from my life...the past couple months. it's been good. real good. 

me dancing it up, after the Jamie Lidell video shoot. happy as hell jack.
photo from the Jamie Lidell shoot. he's just singing to a unicorn. no prob.
a couple geese, flying together. staying together. forever. in cali
in an airport in mexico...early morning.....awesome! me, elsa, carrie.
me kissing henry. oh my goodness. i love him.
michael. i love him. he rules. he looks amazing. 
mayuu. awkward ..awesome. reaching for my lip balm. sitting on chris.
mayuu peaking.....mike frank, pimping a shirt i made him, and a necklace too. ha
this is as much of the red woods that i saw. not much at'all.
close up of eskimo elsa
i made her play my game, and she did. such a good friend. i told her to please act like a little eskimo building a fire, so i could take a pic of her. i love it so much.
nova and danny. my oh my i love them. look how rad danny is. noves, she's so fucking cute.
burger baby, given to me (and justin) from mike frank (genius gift giver), and anyway, it's sitting on top of the tv......we were watching Clash of the Titans.....awesome!
c. yotter. chillin in cali.......cool
this is two dogs kissing..............but elsa doesn't believe me. but it looks like they are about to kiss.
oh, rennie me me, oh my, just look at her. squeeze it!
and i will end with good ol'danny boy. sleeping...just like this. so pretty. so nice. so awesome. so cool. one of my faves.