so. we leave our families, what we know. why?
to see more? experience more? what for?

i wish i could tap my heels together and everything would go back to the way it was. mom, grams, kids screaming laughing yelling talking crying dancing... chaos

i know something good will come. i hope at least.

i'm not saying my life is not good. i'm not saying that at all. i'm so thankful for what i have. i'm not even sure how i ended up with what i have, i'm lucky. oh so very lucky.

but sometimes, i can't wrap my head around why i left 165 W. Hamilton St.

well, i guess if i didn't leave, my mom would have kicked me out, but still..........
i could have tried.

i want and need you please

if you could just show up at my door with a hound dog...my life would be complete.
thank you.

you ever been to the pain center?

I haven't been, and I don't ever wanna go.
I don't know what this place is, and it's scary.

Tattooed Moms Thanksgiving

first and foremost THANK YOU TATTOOED MOMS for this wonderful day of free food and beer. THANK YOU!!!
can you believe that this is real?
i love tattooed moms.

Dub and Ansel playing Operation

Gunner and Macchio

Monica (who came to see us for thanksgiving), Gunner and Dub...enjoying their foods.

Mom, oh mom...she was starving for the sweet potato mash.

oh and she needed to top the mash off with some Bud. you know mom....needing the Bud (ha..NOT).

Janelle, Dub, and Noe

we set Monopoly up, we didn't play, so i flipped it off.

a couple that was at moms, they built all these while eating their t foods, and um, i loved it...

my zert (aka dessert)
Mona and my red eyes!

hiding my face with Zack. i love Zack.

yah, so what, we drank a few.


found Gunner diggin on seconds while wearing Zack's helmet.
so awesome.

i loved this day. even if my eyes were swollen and itchy.
I'm thanksful for these people. and yes, i meant to say thanksful. have you seen American Movie?! cause i have.

turkey bagels

i know this is a late post, but whatever. these are still cute. and kinda sick.
turkey shaped bagels. yesss

oh and p.s. Hot Bagel on 3rd....they have good stuff.
and i know i'm probably the only one that didn't realize they have all kinds of cream cheese, but they do. and that makes me happy.

window kitty time

this kitty was soooo fat. she was asleep in the window, and i could hear her breathing through the window. no joke.
someone needs to, um, go on a diet.

dear bill: girl bathroom graffiti

i love that slice of pizza. it's my favorite.

more to come, i'm just getting in the hang of it.

3 awesome things

cool, do we really need to knock off snuggies? i mean, like knock them off in a cheap way? look how soooooooo photoshopped that girl head is. hahahaha.
so good. i think i answered my own question, yes....we need to knock them off, so i can take photos of the packaging.

ok, don't get on me for not buying the sign above, but i was with my friend, jamie, and he talked sense into me. did i really need a "jugglers do it better" sign?
shit, i did. i do.
note to self: never listen to jamie when i'm at a thrift store.

ahhhhhhh....boo berry!!! it's soooo good.
you never know though, boo berry could have been the cause of my face swelling.
i'll never know.
mmmmmmmmm, but so good.

helmet fashion

i want this helmet, cause this is what zack has...and i want to look more like him.
oh and btw...GET A HELMET FOR CHRISTMAS! or, get a helmet NOW, screw christmas.
(crap, now i need one)

Goliath and his cat

this is Goliath. he is 185 lbs. he rules. he stinks though. but he's so so so sweet.
he lives in north philly. on this night, he was going on a walk with his dad....oh, and his cat.

when i saw the cat come out of the house, following Goliath and his dad, i asked..."oh, who is this kitty?" and Goliath's dad replied.."that's Goliath's cat"
that was all i got. nothing more. just that it was the dogs cat.
uhm, awesome?
no joke, the cat came out of the house with Goliath, and went back in the house with Goliath...on his own.

cat attack

miss pott...miss pott...oh miss pott

julia pott
go here for more goodies:
she also has an etsy shop:
i love that bear above. i love heeem.

oh no big deal...that's just me. she drew me.
i think the thing i love most is that she draws weird people and animals all the time, and i fit in that category. yessssss. :)

cute animals!!!
bears = my fave
but look at the guy below, doesn't he break your heart a little.


me update

i looked like this on tuesday.
you know, shining all types of rays. (the usual...NOT)
oh, and yesterday i started to look like the below picture. pretty cool allergic reaction eh?!
reeeeeeeal cool.
all i want to do is itch my eyes off.
"HEEEEEEEEEEEY YOUUUUUUUUUU GUUUYS!!!" - SLOTH (from the Goonies, get it?)
oh crap. i'm scary.


mx, w and ø update: LOVE

we started with this pile o wood

we had this guys help...uhhhhmazing

he works real real hard

maybe there were some drinking beer, dancing, and swinging breaks involved
he gettin "attacked" by his momma :)

these were the piles of wood that we stacked across the yard.
i have to say, i thoroughly enjoyed the day. always do with this family.
looks good huh?!

they fed me a yummy meal at the end of the day.
soooooooo good. and sooooooooo cute.
i just sit there and watch them laugh and love. you would too.
xoxoxoxoxoxo mx w ø xoxoxoxoxoxo

YUM! right?! YAH, right.