cool shelter...

cool thing...

this is where tricia and i would set up tent, you know, if we were staying the night.
it was so soft and cool in there...

the view from inside our homestead.

skid and em sitting on our "porch"

this guy was just up high, saying hi

oh look look look what we found...pretty.


"wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long"

wind dance pond...cool

this guy came home with me.

ohhhhh...this is called the devils walking stick...you wanna know why? look at picture below...

oh and btw... i thought i saw some mint, and well, i picked a leaf and come to find out it was nettles plant...OH NOT COOL!!! my fingers are still stinging from it. i straight pulled a leaf off, and it hurt, like a jelly fish sting.

i know i already said it, but my fingers are still stinging...hours later.


Philly2Barcelona2Managua said...

what is nettles plant? i miss you.

maliss said...

Wouldn't It Be Nice....did you know that was Mom's "song" with Dad? She loved that song so much, Lou.

maliss said...

I love the structures that you found, the shelter....what a cool place to hike.

yttr said...

wtf, dude? that is a beautiful place. and you are such a good photographer. you should photograph all the time. all the time. all the time. all the time.