dear malissa and zack, i did it again.

clothing swap fun.

yum yum yum yum yum YUM!

snax and cathy! so cute huh?

diggin in.

nancy and i came up with this. perfect couple if you ask me.


two babes playin.

nancy being me when i put my legs in these sweatpants and held my twin brothers hand... crystal is supposed to be mitchell... oh nevermind, you had to be there.
if you were there, this would rule.

thank you nancy!!!

lunch visitors.

ha. idiots.

oh, good morning friends.

i love you philly

sidewalk sale!!! fun times.

my first customer... miss amelia

he tried it all on, and didn't get a thing.
but he shoulda.

oh colin.

stuff stuff stuff.

oh babes, elizabeth and shannon. colin is back there too, i consider him a dude babe.

dub the babe and lessel the babe.

dear malissa, i know you gave me this mag, but could there have been a better use? this dog poop needed covered, so i used the eat'n park mag.
i'm sorry, and thank you.


more babe time

oh and this here is Shakey. he picked himself up some koozies.

look at his pose, PLEASE, look at his pose.
we were supposed to be shooting the people with our web, but hims wanted to bees still posing.

thank you elizabeth santry.

WE r in love. like the forever kind.

yes sir.