sidewalk sale!!! fun times.

my first customer... miss amelia

he tried it all on, and didn't get a thing.
but he shoulda.

oh colin.

stuff stuff stuff.

oh babes, elizabeth and shannon. colin is back there too, i consider him a dude babe.

dub the babe and lessel the babe.

dear malissa, i know you gave me this mag, but could there have been a better use? this dog poop needed covered, so i used the eat'n park mag.
i'm sorry, and thank you.


more babe time

oh and this here is Shakey. he picked himself up some koozies.

look at his pose, PLEASE, look at his pose.
we were supposed to be shooting the people with our web, but hims wanted to bees still posing.

1 comment:

mouse said...

It's ok, Lou. I understand why you needed to the use the mag for something other than a mag. Very creative. 2 thumbs up!