the home that i love

this is the house i grew up in. west milton, ohio. forever i've been surrounded by nook and cranny wonderlands. learn to appreciate everything.this is our mantle. portrait of iris, my moms dog that recently passed.... ... beautiful.
"The Blue Lady", someday NOT SOON, she will be mine.:)
this collection lies above the sink...it's dreamy.
more of the same.
a chandelier tree.
little granny's back porch. i love this porch.
the garage. i remember trying to play basketball and hating that the ball wouldn't bounce right, because the cement was all fucked up. you try playing basketball in gravel.
just a pretty gal under a tree.
and yet another tree light.
the front porch, and the momma.
front window/lawn...those mums, they are from grams. she won them at bingo.
just sitting in the driveway. rad.
beautiful. mom told me a thousand times to take a picture of this.
old amazing chair with some potts, side yard.
this is where iris is buried. it's so pretty.
a little green pumpkin. i think mom named it matilda or george. ha
fairy land number one. rad. rad. rad. mom builds these tiny little spaces for fairies to live in.
and another shelter for fairies/gnomes.
there is a little gnome right there...wearing a blue shirt and a green hat. i think he's getting ready to sing. haha...that's what mom said.
a door attached to the other back porch. soo cool.
some more plants. momma's love. amongst many others.
new cotton bud. she can grow cotton.
a little pond/fountain on the front porch.
the mailbox/garden toolbox. notice the "welcome home kenz and jon" chalkboard.
crystal ball, wooden shoes...love it.
this was filled with cool dead bugs, a dead hummingbird, and probably more.
moms pet crow. fake.
a very small portrait of iris. by my mom.
the landing on the stairs. sooo pretty.
"i wish i was the moon tonight" -neko case

i miss home. with the five kids-grams-momma, yelling, fighting, loving



yes ohio...i went home last weekend. it was beautiful. it was fun. it was home.
this is michael's dashboard. a rad site to see...sticks, feathers and dirt. like you're riding free. ha.
michael got me these amazing sunglasses. don't be jealous. please. we can share.
adam, michael and i eating HaHa Pizza in yellowsprings. it was so yummy!!! so nice to see adam, and laugh about old times.
then off to cincinnati...to meet ol'jonnie. green hat matchers. on purpose. k.
oh lord, this is celine. she is gorgeous. so friendly, so lovey...anyone would love her...that's a challenge.
look at this paw. i would suggest clicking on the photo...so it gets bigger, and then you can see the amazing edible paw.
jon, celine-o, and jon's brother...nick. funny fuckers.
yes...nice, i know. just a white trash couple in cincinnati. no big deal. he actually picked that hair extension off the ground and tucked it under his hat. sick. but damn funny if you ask me.
boys losing it at the gas station. i can't tell you how long it was taking us to get gas. the greatest thing was that we didn't even care. we just laughed our way through it. "now i'm at 39 cents"
ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! home sweet home!!!!! and momma watering the plants...duh. what else would she be doing???
oh well lookie, a little pisook, and a little halloween...tired all day, everday. i'm serious. all they do is sleep. but they also let you dig into them...that's always nice.
the tent that jon and i camped out in. mom had it all set up in the back yard. it was awesome.
going thrifting...jon was quite tired...but once we saw the thrift store...blood started pumping. :)
michael, waiting for me to hop out of the van...before thrifting...just look at the shirt. only a crazy genius would wear it.
talking about natvie americans, drinking iced tea...chillin in the front yard. we did a lot of this.
grams...oh heaven. grams. ..... so sweet...and wearing betty boop shirt. duh.
went on a nature walk at Brukner Nature Center. it was so beautiful.
mom and jon.
jon got pooped on. awwww..... i thought it was pretty great though.
sleeping bob cat. wait, is that right? i don't know. maybe she/he had a different name, but i loved it.
and this is a sideways bald eagle...he wasn't actually sideways. i just forgot to fix this pic. oops
a big white catfish, and two little goldfish friends. they were so pretty.
me, flatfaced in the background...trying to kiss michael...as we were walking up to...
marions pizza!!!!! ha. grams, mom, jon, michael and i killed a couple pizzas for dinner. it was good too.
uh, oh...here they are. looks gross...but oh so good.
after eating we brought bread to the west milton park and fed these guys.

and last but not least...this guy. just some orange guy hanging out at a west milton junk shop. i could have stolen him in 2 seconds. and i actually thought about it.
i had such a good time. xoxoxoxo