ha...while dub and i were waiting for friends to come over...we decided to color.
at the end of the evening i asked everyone which they liked the best...they all picked dubs. ... 
but look at mine...seriously, i used both grey and white for the stormy clouds. ... 
it's okay, no one cares.
yes, mine on the left...dub's on the right.
aw, i'm a loser.
after eating at Tattooed Moms. it was freeeeeee!!!
dorks. dorks that i love.
we played with airplanes after eating. fun fun fun.
mike, alex, bobby
oh yah, thats my plane. 
mike and his.
alex and hers.
bobby and his.
no one was out, we got to play in the street. ;)
john and joe...oops...joe is real blurry.
dub and some peeps.
billy boy...poor man, he can barely fit in the large bowl. he's getting too big.
this was my second thanksgiving dinner. dub made it!!! it was soooo good!!!
oh and btw, do not chase beer with red wine. 
okay then.



today i'm missing my family.
i don't have any recent family portraits...so i decided to google image "my family"
this is what i came up with. 
happy thanksgiving. 
family is the shit.


look at this guy!

i promise that he kept visiting me while i was waiting in this park. 
at one point he came up to me, stared, then stood on his hind legs to scratch his chest. 
it was incredibly cute. white little belly. 
i don't get to sit and chill in parks too much, that's why i geeked out. 
or, wait, i always geek out.


 i couldn't find my favorite part, but ... here is a damn good one. 
this documentary is soooo brilliant. mark and mike rule. 
see it, if you haven't.


we are quite proud of them, so if you don't like them, suck it. 
look at what dorks we are. we wore them on the same day to work. 
hahahahahahaha....i love us.

after nap

we fell asleep. on the couch. he was tucked into my winter parka. we were cold. we are obviously still tired in this pic. mid day naps with billy are great.
some people say that i'm obsessed. 
maybe i am. 
maybe i'm not.


patti smith is coooool


cheater and i

cheater drew this of him and i on my computer desk. 
look at me. i rule. look at my glasses. HILARIOUS!

look at his boots...and that HUGE fucking flower. amazing.
i'm glad he gave me some boobs. even if they are sooo small, wait, they are.
i left my desk for, hmmm, maybe...10 minutes...and this happened 
to the sweet little drawing cheater made. all added by mike cracker. 
the dick on me, the pee on cheaters pants, and the hearts around us.
one more thing to add to my "why i love mike cracker" list, 
and one more reason to adore cheater.
i'm a lucky gal.

Rennie "the knife" and Billy "the bandit"

um, i think these guys were jealous of warsaw and scrambles getting all the attention. ... so they decided to pull a fucking cute act of their own. LOOK. she really gets in his ear, and i have waaay more footage where this came from. she couldn't stop. they kill me.

elsa suggested that i post this one too. it's long though...but she keeps going for that ear.


my bike is awesome.

i love riding my bike. but it's cold out. i want spring to hurry the hell up.

meet warsaw and scrambles

these two LOVE each other. it's pretty obvious, and it's PRETTY cute. 
they are elsa b. shadley's kitties...she loves them. 
warsaw came first...then mister scrambles. 
damn they're cute.

billy finds 3 toys where there is none.



if you copy and paste the title...i just think it's funny. 
my friend tron sent it to me. 
and he's funny.

a fall day.

i don't feel like i took time out to enjoy fall at all, but this saturday was insane. 
it was way too warm for the season. and that's fucked, but i have to say
i really enjoyed the day. it was beautiful.

this guy came home with me. 
i love this alley.
they're pretty together.

um, billy.

we don't cuddle. we don't love. 
we only hate.

see, this is hate.

sweet window display

see, i zoomed in for you here. note the lips drawn on, and well...blue camo has a neck tat. this is a fucking hip display.


ummm...silly, yes

BUT...separately and/or together and/or mixed...these two men are rad.
if it's lame, it's lame...but i have to say...they are two of my favorites.



well..because we found this guy on our roof.
it's a real nice balloon.

billy "the bandit" sue update

my two roomates and i made dinner...then we did the dishes...then billy decided that the sink was the best place to hang out. he did some serious hanging out. look:

even cleaning himself. 
i love him...seriously.
oh, and i wore a turtleneck yesterday...i'm pretty sure i decided that it's not that cool. and i have a zit on my chin. doesn't really go ALLLLL that well WITH the turtleneck.



at the crackerfarm/volcanic productions party......i found a tambourine on the stage while jamie lidell was playing........so i grabbed it. and i played the shit out of it. i had no idea what i was doing to myself. when i woke up in the morning, both hands were swollen..and hurt like hell (diagram above, that's where my bruises were). elsa said that i really got into it.... jamie, elsa and linds said i wasn't bad, so...instead of being totally embarrassed, i decided to maybe get one. so i could continue the love....
TA DA!!!!!
carrie yotter, coolest girl ever, just gave this guy to me!!! it's on.

i slept with HIM last night...