can you believe...

today, someone real nice told me that i needed to take a break from what i was doing and remember a few things that i'm glad for...so here they are. i'm really really extra glad for these things, these people. 
these are old pictures from one of the best weekends of my life: thanksaween-dressing up in halloween costumes to eat thanksgiving dinner.  as a family and individuals we're a little odd, but shit. ......         i miss you people that i'm glad for. i miss you bad.

monica, auntie em
auntie em, em's boyfriend, and matilda wren
some guy
miss wren and her little brother. we caught her sticking stickers all over him. awesome for us, but in the end...NOT AWESOME FOR GEORGE.  uhhh...poor george.
some guy and, um, her twin brother as a pilot. wearing a really small suit, as you can see below. it's a little tight on his ass.
miss malissa, and ... some guy
george boy and his pop. a coupla cowboys.
grams. mona dressed her up as frodo......AHHHHHHH FUCKING AMAZING. seriously. shit makes me smile.
oh, michael lee.
just some mustaches
michael dressed up as one of his paintings.
we never laugh. never laughing at michael. never.
WOW!!! sweet christmas present. 
um, even sweeter. fuck. white elephant christmas...pink elephant? anyway, it was awesome.
mitchell got condoms. 
kevin...what the hell did he get?! holy
momma, laughing...i miss it.
i got her these laser light rings. jealous?
michaels present. yah. don't ask. 
playing apples to apples.
love love love love
the giant peach aka mitchell
just 3 gals
see how happy! 
sisters again. love'em
whoa, who's that?! zoinks.
a momma hand. she's too cool for me. 

okay, so maybe i feel better. 
and maybe i miss them more. 

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Crackerfarm said...

Wellllll....that lil thing with the mustaches all over her face....wwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll............!!!!!!