John Cooper Clarke

thanks zack


random fun.

oh, this is just scrambles...elsa's kitten...he's just breathing love. no big deal.
whoa, these photos ARE small. ... if you're really interested ... click on it. i'm sure it will get bigger. i think it's worth it. ridiculous.
bowling fun times.
don't know, found this pic for mike frank!!
nick and i, well, we switched hats...but why am i so small? and him...so big? i kind of like it. 
me, as a robber
elsa took this photo. it's genius basically. 


elsa b. shadley and warsaw forever

one of my faves. i love this color. so very much. i heart this little bag.
a purpley tote. cool
yah, i'll have this one too. the big duffel. ... 
oh look. just elsa herself. no big deal. she's not hot or anything. not hot AND fucking talented. nope. not at all. so that's good. i'm glad she's ugly.
these turn into the perfect sized tote...for you know...quick grocery shopping.
man. o. man.

8th and Market

yesterday i was riding my bike......and as i was passing the south-west corner of market and 8th... i saw something INCREDIBLE!!! a woman...she was 30-something and full up from the 80's. amazing. she was working at a buggy...not sure what she was selling. damnit, i wish i would have looked... it's a possibility that it's snow cones. but...thing is, i was looking at her. tight ass high waisted jeans(tapered)...with studs on the pockets, a bubble bouse/t-shirt thing that was white and red stripe, just some regular old sneakers--white, a white headband-underneath her bangs, smokin a cig, talkin on her cell phone, leaning on the buggy.........COME ON!!! next time i'll take a picture, because my description does not do her justice. no it does not.



right when walked into the grocery store...nice.

he was traveling with a friend...look how pretty.

this is twisters brother. he's handsome. sooo handsome.
no big deal, we wore all white sweat suits to pick up crackerfarm at the airport. cheater too, but he was taking the picture. awesome.
awesome again.
jerome. he is rad!!! this is his land.
cheater slicks
elsa b.
jerome. cool.
linds. she was coooold.
shelly. one of the coolest gals around!!!
crackerfarm, a happy family.
i love this pic. we made mike be in the book. LOOK HOW HOT ZUZANNA IS!!!
this guy was my favorite. look how cute and dead he is. aw.
they are all staring at us. i love their faces!
zuzanna..hair by Monica...:)...makeup done up by Deanna
jerome and zuzanna. everyone loves jerome, and duh...everyone loves zuzanna.
little leo in a field
oh leo
mike found this cup, and i stole it. then gave it back
jerome's gun, mike shooting.
i love this picture. just hanging out. awesome.
woop woop. d shooting.
ding ding. mona shootin too.
the crackers i love.
leo's boots. oh my oh my.
we two
mike shooting through an abandon truck.
before mike
after mike.
me and mona. hearts
this guy was traveling with his momma. his name is milo.
just look at that face. i love heem.

north dakota was rad. i'm going to post more...we went into some amazing abandoned houses. thank you shelly! and thank you jerome! and thank you north dakota!!!