8th and Market

yesterday i was riding my bike......and as i was passing the south-west corner of market and 8th... i saw something INCREDIBLE!!! a woman...she was 30-something and full up from the 80's. amazing. she was working at a buggy...not sure what she was selling. damnit, i wish i would have looked... it's a possibility that it's snow cones. but...thing is, i was looking at her. tight ass high waisted jeans(tapered)...with studs on the pockets, a bubble bouse/t-shirt thing that was white and red stripe, just some regular old sneakers--white, a white headband-underneath her bangs, smokin a cig, talkin on her cell phone, leaning on the buggy.........COME ON!!! next time i'll take a picture, because my description does not do her justice. no it does not.