home soon...

yes...i will be home soon. for 4 days...not enough...but oh i'm looking forward to it. love and comfort...and some crazy kitties. .. . .... can't wait. home sweet home.


yesterday..at the photo studio - millo

or millie...this is abby's dog. she's amazing. she hung out with us at the web studio all day yesterday. we couldn't leave her alone. playing with her lips and her feet, and her toes, and her tail, and her ears...poor thing. i'm sure we um, got on her nerves a bit... :)


Coney Island ---family fun

the day started with me napping on mona's couch. with a very handsome man named freeman. he's such a good napping buddy. goodness gracious.
on our way to coney island (or C.I. if you will) i ran into this little guy here. don't know his name-0.
we met malissa, jeff, george and matilda at coney island and had a small little birthday party. pudding cake (oh, miss that puss) and whipped cream!!!
matilda and her my little pony sucker, and me with yummy cotton candy. i actually gave matilda and george their first taste of cotton candy. ... they liked it! :)
i asked george to act like a seagull if he wanted more funnel cake.
jeff and george with their light sabers...
coney island...hi jon.

mona and kevin...view from the carousel.
firetrucks for matilda and george...
george concentrated so hard on this bike...he was falling off to one side, and i have to say, it was really really cute!
monica and matilda look so much alike. it's sick. the 4 girls were going to race back to the RV, but matilda pouted to her mom and said "no black haired girls in this race" oh nice, ... that leaves liss and i out!
monica and kevin posing like normal.
malissa and jeff posing like monica and kevin...hahahahahah.
i'm in love with seahorses. IN LOVE WITH THEM!!!!!!! i'm not kidding. they are way too beautiful. and the males carry the baby! RAD RAD RAD
jelly fish are rad too. i could watch them all day. i can't believe that they are real.
okay, so, of course i have to ruin the sisters one, cause i felt the need to show my boobs, then fastly regretted it. the family one rules...then the other sister one, where i for some reason have a pink face (hehe)...well... whatever. i love them all anyway.
my trip was great! wish i could do it every weekend. just wish my boy was with me too. damn.


little cat, once again...attacking and happy

don't you just love love love her?!!!
mona has the paint brush, and i have the camera.


3 new guys that made me smile yesterday morning

i found this white guy on 9th and market. once again on the north side. i'm slowly becoming obsessed with them.
and this yellow man...i found him on 11th and market. an action shot, cars were coming, and i've been wanting to snap him up for a few days now. ... got'him (or her)
i snapped this guy...oh my goodness...this is what really made my morning. he was standing on the opposite corner of hard rock cafe. the "hard rock", if you will, was playing madonna - 'get into the groove, boy, you've got to proove, you're into meeeeeeeee' (they play music that you can hear blasting outside). this dude, in the star shirt was jamming. i mean, he knew every word. fucking beautiful.


old pictures - me and the giant peach

mitchell on the left, and little ol'me on the right. 2 days old. .... ha, 4 minutes apart. love.
on the back of this picture it says "having dinner together june '80"... cool, cause we are having dinner in our breakfast bibs. oh and we both have milk all over our faces.
i loved this swing set!!! love love loved it! there's mitchell and i on the teeter-totter part, in some amazing outfits. i have no clue who the blonde in yellow shorts is?? but i'm pretty sure the gal up high is liss. who's the dude in the white shirt? does anyone know? i loved that sitting swing thing, right there..on the right hand side.
big wheelin'it. matching outfits of course...well, jackets and hats. big wheels ruled. peach has the blondest bangs poking out! xoxo
i want this outfit now. a hug me hoodie...amazing. some cuffed flannel pants, and probably some great looking shoes. but look at our heads in this. at least mitchell looks cute. i look weird. but i still love me there.
i think we both look like grown-ups in this photo. my hair is sick, and so is his. he totally looks like a little man, with frizzy hair. maybe a little ron burgundy in him. this is our 3year birthday. the cake is incredible. plastic animals and crooked candles. ahhh, i love it.
some sort of cookies and snowman heads in the middle of this cake. hey now, we are still matching. i remember this outfit for sure. mom put us in it all the time. red sweaters and white turtle necks?! who wants to bring it back?
in this pic, i might have been getting a ring from my mom, but i don't really remember. i love my scrunchie, and mitchell and michaels hats. michael looks amazing. i probably wanted to be him real bad then. i do now! look at that rad outfit!
oh lord. this picture is also incredible. i'm pretty sure mona is chillin in the background. peach's outfit is sooooooooo mitchell. he wore that shit forever. f... i don't even know what to say about me. i loved that shirt. i loved those pants.
i love being a twin. i miss him. i miss you. oh shit, look at the balloon sculpture in between us.


this morning - stanley

this morning, when i was walking home from the ben franklin bridge, i saw a man feeding a bunch of birds...pigeons and sparrows...he gave them tons of popcorn and white bread. i watched as he fed them. the birds weren't scared of him at all.
as the man walked away, i asked him if he feeds them at the same time everyday. he said "yes, same time everyday...10 o'clock...i get a break from work, and i come here. they know what time it is." "i feed them good wonder bread, and sometimes i cut up hotdogs and give it to them, they eat better than us." he had a wok shirt on, and i noticed that his name is stanley. he's from another country, he's missing most of his front teeth, and he rules. i'm going to go see him next weekend, at 10 o'clock.
he even refills their birdbath. it's a plastic bowl, that he puts a rock in so it doesn't blow away. the pigeons love it!!

yesterday - full of fun and animals

this is my friend alissa, with a rescue named tilly. she was on the phone...trying to talk her boyfriend, shawn, into getting a dog. she wanted tilly real bad.
while i was working on sueberts shrine, i had leftover paint, so i decided to paint a necklace... or, just a floating pink heart...ha. i miss when my mom used to paint my face in the summer. i think everyone should paint themselves every-once-in-a-while. because it's fun.
romona, a little mutt. she's abby's roomates pup. sooooooooo cute!!!
millie, 14 weeks old (i think). she's a bull mastiff. she's abby's new baby. she's spoiled and so much fun to push around and wrestle with.
this is lola...abby's pretty girl. you can kiss her lips, and she'll kiss you right back.

the view from the deck. south west view...it was such a beautiful night. we had a cookout. full of really yummy food.
south east view from the deck. we made a plan to camp out on the deck soon!!!

New York - last weekend

a rad bowl of goodness that mona has in her house. i love it.
mona and i going to the movies...we wanted to see the 'bourne identity' one, but ended up seeing "we now pronounce you chuck and larry"...hahahahahahaha, and well...it wasn't the worst, and it totes was not the best.

all white outfit. yes, a new look, but i'm sure if you got a pair of white dickies, you'd be obsessed too.
yum, an apricot. i think this may have been my first non-dried one in a really really long time.

crackerfarm (lindsey and mike)we were at the mac store, just to cool off in the airconditioning, and pee... i think it was mona's amazing idea ... by the way, these two people are incredible. !!!


this morning...ben franklin bridge

this was close to the end of my walk over the bridge. there's philly... i think it's pretty.
this is right at the beginning of my walk, headed for camden, nj. the walk is beautiful, but full of shitty car smells and noises.
ha, me...in my 'take a bite out of crime' t-shirt that ral gave us...hell, i don't know when, but a long time ago. oh, and philly is behind me, PLUS...i'm listening to MY ipod. abbey gave me her old one! i can't believe it. it makes my walks so enjoyable. today i listened to Langhorne Slim, it crazy motivates me. (rad music)

look, another little man..

i found this guy a while ago, but i always have to pass him by...because of traffic. he is in the crosswalk of market and tenth (on the north side of market)...i love these. i snapped this last night when i was riding to my friend alissa's house... --2 down, i'm sure there are a lot more to find.


rad sneaks

i love these guys. see them all over philly. always in the middle of a crosswalk. rad. they are reflective too. yellow and white guys..... awesome idea. makes me really happy when i pass by.

welcome home sue

sue got picked up from the vet last night. in this perfect little box. her ashes are inside wrapped in black velvet. she was cremated on 7.13.07... i miss her.
i loved that she always slept with me...if it was on my chest, or on my pillow, or on the pillow beside mine, she was always there.
little thing, i wish i could welcome the real you back home... but, i guess the box of you will have to do.