CONNIE B. 2002

i met connie b 2002 on south st. she asked me if i wanted to buy any "paintings"... i said "no thanks."
connie b 2002 said "okay, god bless you."
i watched her walk away. she crossed the street, wearing her torn soccer sandals and white -(or sandy dirty white)- half socks. but let me tell you...i think she was stylin a little bit. she wanted to have her toes out, but still keep her bare feet from rubbing on the soccer sandals..rad. she had a couple yellowing teeth, very pink/red gums, and yellowing eyes... she walked back to her bag, put her "paintings" away, and started walking off.
i thought 'shit, i could buy something from her, and give her a little hope as an artist...why not, we all need it'
so i walked over to her and asked "how much are your paintings?"
she said "well, they go from $3 to $20"
i was like damn, but ... well... hell, okay...
she gave me a choice between 2, and yes, zerox copies they were... awesome.
so i bought this one. from connie b 2002
thank you
once again, amazing.

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