old pictures - me and the giant peach

mitchell on the left, and little ol'me on the right. 2 days old. .... ha, 4 minutes apart. love.
on the back of this picture it says "having dinner together june '80"... cool, cause we are having dinner in our breakfast bibs. oh and we both have milk all over our faces.
i loved this swing set!!! love love loved it! there's mitchell and i on the teeter-totter part, in some amazing outfits. i have no clue who the blonde in yellow shorts is?? but i'm pretty sure the gal up high is liss. who's the dude in the white shirt? does anyone know? i loved that sitting swing thing, right there..on the right hand side.
big wheelin'it. matching outfits of course...well, jackets and hats. big wheels ruled. peach has the blondest bangs poking out! xoxo
i want this outfit now. a hug me hoodie...amazing. some cuffed flannel pants, and probably some great looking shoes. but look at our heads in this. at least mitchell looks cute. i look weird. but i still love me there.
i think we both look like grown-ups in this photo. my hair is sick, and so is his. he totally looks like a little man, with frizzy hair. maybe a little ron burgundy in him. this is our 3year birthday. the cake is incredible. plastic animals and crooked candles. ahhh, i love it.
some sort of cookies and snowman heads in the middle of this cake. hey now, we are still matching. i remember this outfit for sure. mom put us in it all the time. red sweaters and white turtle necks?! who wants to bring it back?
in this pic, i might have been getting a ring from my mom, but i don't really remember. i love my scrunchie, and mitchell and michaels hats. michael looks amazing. i probably wanted to be him real bad then. i do now! look at that rad outfit!
oh lord. this picture is also incredible. i'm pretty sure mona is chillin in the background. peach's outfit is sooooooooo mitchell. he wore that shit forever. f... i don't even know what to say about me. i loved that shirt. i loved those pants.
i love being a twin. i miss him. i miss you. oh shit, look at the balloon sculpture in between us.

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