New York - last weekend

a rad bowl of goodness that mona has in her house. i love it.
mona and i going to the movies...we wanted to see the 'bourne identity' one, but ended up seeing "we now pronounce you chuck and larry"...hahahahahahaha, and well...it wasn't the worst, and it totes was not the best.

all white outfit. yes, a new look, but i'm sure if you got a pair of white dickies, you'd be obsessed too.
yum, an apricot. i think this may have been my first non-dried one in a really really long time.

crackerfarm (lindsey and mike)we were at the mac store, just to cool off in the airconditioning, and pee... i think it was mona's amazing idea ... by the way, these two people are incredible. !!!

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