Coney Island ---family fun

the day started with me napping on mona's couch. with a very handsome man named freeman. he's such a good napping buddy. goodness gracious.
on our way to coney island (or C.I. if you will) i ran into this little guy here. don't know his name-0.
we met malissa, jeff, george and matilda at coney island and had a small little birthday party. pudding cake (oh, miss that puss) and whipped cream!!!
matilda and her my little pony sucker, and me with yummy cotton candy. i actually gave matilda and george their first taste of cotton candy. ... they liked it! :)
i asked george to act like a seagull if he wanted more funnel cake.
jeff and george with their light sabers...
coney island...hi jon.

mona and kevin...view from the carousel.
firetrucks for matilda and george...
george concentrated so hard on this bike...he was falling off to one side, and i have to say, it was really really cute!
monica and matilda look so much alike. it's sick. the 4 girls were going to race back to the RV, but matilda pouted to her mom and said "no black haired girls in this race" oh nice, ... that leaves liss and i out!
monica and kevin posing like normal.
malissa and jeff posing like monica and kevin...hahahahahah.
i'm in love with seahorses. IN LOVE WITH THEM!!!!!!! i'm not kidding. they are way too beautiful. and the males carry the baby! RAD RAD RAD
jelly fish are rad too. i could watch them all day. i can't believe that they are real.
okay, so, of course i have to ruin the sisters one, cause i felt the need to show my boobs, then fastly regretted it. the family one rules...then the other sister one, where i for some reason have a pink face (hehe)...well... whatever. i love them all anyway.
my trip was great! wish i could do it every weekend. just wish my boy was with me too. damn.

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He wishes he could be with you guys.goose7768