i visit this photo often.

i'm madly in love.

photo by Carrie Yotter


from miss mayuu, whom i love and badly miss.

can i please tell all of you how happy i am that you think of me when you see such creatures? i know, i know, it's just a cat. but i love them. and i think they're so cool. and i hope you think of me when you see hearts, and when you see foxes, and when you see sloths, and when you see a happy old couple, and when you see green eyes, and when you smell roses, and when you see donuts, and when you're laughing, and when you're hugging your mom, and when you're swimming, and when you're eating ice cream, and when you have a slice, and when you're in ohio, and when you take a deep breath, and when you meet a tiger, and when you get eaten by a bear.
thank you.


hey elsa, member that gum you got me a year ago?

it tasted good, but i got a horrible headache chewing less than half of it for less half a minute.
i tried smelse. i tried.

oh and elsa, member the other things you sent me a year ago?



"south american rainforest"

"chick magnet"


"it's party time"

you like?

my date with c big

we went to Joey's for lunch. it's right across the street, so why not?!

the food was soooo guu-et for us!

i know the pizza looks ridiculous (and now that i think of it, i think they just put red sauce on top of the "white" pizza that we didn't want...it's dawning on me now...they fooled us) AAAANYWAY, the food was good. that's all i'm saying.
oh and i had fun with biggles. duh

he insisted.

ummm...could you look at him?!?
(oh and that is NOT my urban outfitters bag)

it was so hot in my house, and he wanted in the bag so bad, so i let him in. he just stayed there.
i thought it would be real hot inside a plastic bag, but i guess it aint too bad.

my date with jen

she's a classy lady ... she drinks out of a straw.

ohhh, and meeee too... whiskey.

this is what jen does to frogs at T Moms. poor things. :)

then we saw Betsy at Monks...i took a really really blurry picture of them! woopie!

and the night ends eating pretzels, drinking beer and watching youtube videos.
so good


it's me, holding a fennec fox. it's true.

could it be more precious?

(but here's the thing. i'm the gal that has written on youtube videos about people having wild animals as pets and how shitty i think it is. and i didn't want to give in and try to talk about the fox, but YOU GUYS, you all know me well enough to know that i COULDN'T stop staring. and you guys, i don't think people should have wild animals as pets (maybe unless you save it and it's hurt and all that...)..but he was so sweet. and he let me pet him and he didn't need to be at The Bean, on South St. when he doesn't like loud noises. he needs to be cuddling up in his own den. and i love him and i wanted to run run run away with him, but ... ... good luck to you tiny man. i hope in your next life you don't have to belong to anyone.)

matching babes

oh surpriser...

so i spot all of Joanna's packages in the back room at work, and i get all jealous and stuff. and i see this one package that says it's from Emily--dagger straight to the heart--.....then i see (+kenzaloo) and about shit my pants. (just sayin)

i got these earrings. oh my dear!
and look how perfectly they match my belt!!!

great stamp! love it.

me me me in my new pair of Erma earrings. wow i'm lucky.

after work...

Monica (not my sister, but my first friend with the name) and I went to the Cantina. we had way more fun than what she's expressing in the photo.

it rained, real hard. and THAT happened to that there tree.

Cantina employees took a real BIG ONE for the team.
got soaked

our waitress...aint she cute?!

then back to B2 we go.
Monica laughing at something mean...ha

all these dudes. yesss short short shorts
it was a real good coupla hours.

i want this ring

it belongs to Rachelle, and it's beautiful.
just sayin