meet Bela (with an accent over the "a")

he's beautiful, he's bad. I'M IN LOVE!!!!! whoa.
he's so great.
and bad. did i mention???
(basically dennis the menace)


kenzaloo said...

he's really not that bad. but him being dragged out of the coffee shop reminds me of dennis. hahaha. i love it!!!

mouse said...

He is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Buy Me a Soda said...

"dennis. don't embarrass me."

as he's being dragged up the walkway to margaret's house, his mom all bent over in her work dress. amazing.

amber dorko stopper said...

these are awesome! and the accent is over the e. i should know, i named him.

if you would like to see a lifetime's worth of claudia and béla photos, become our flickr friend!


kenzaloo said...

woooops!!! accent over the E!!!!! SORRY.