my date with c big

we went to Joey's for lunch. it's right across the street, so why not?!

the food was soooo guu-et for us!

i know the pizza looks ridiculous (and now that i think of it, i think they just put red sauce on top of the "white" pizza that we didn't want...it's dawning on me now...they fooled us) AAAANYWAY, the food was good. that's all i'm saying.
oh and i had fun with biggles. duh


mouse said...

damn, all that foodie food makes mama hungry town. YUM!

Buy Me a Soda said...

that pizza looks guuetfuh you and carrie. MHM.

Carrie Collins said...

UMMMMM OH SHIT!!! THEY TOTALLY PUT RED SAUCE ON THE WHITE PIZZA THEY MADE BY ACCIDENT. and we tipped that ass like 5 or 6 bones on a 18 bill. damn, we got zinged like we never been zinged before dog

kenzaloo said...

soooooo super zinged. i can't believe it