kids rule

George just told Malissa and Monica that he doesn't want to be a fireman because he's afraid to die, and Matilda doesn't want to be one because she's afraid of crabs.


also, Monica just asked him what he thought a Butler was...he said "it's someone who takes care of other peoples butts"



i can't stop taking pictures. it's soooo pretty!!!

thrift shopping...

her patch says "Loser"...i like her.

pretty pretty

oh heeeeeeey!!!
see him? i bought him. and i named him bear.
i'm not big on buying stuffed animals at thrift stores, but i just had to.
the girl that was ringing me up, she held him close to her...he won her over too.


he loves it.
he loves it not.

beer run.

yep, we were chanting SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! when we left the house.
yes we were. and yes it made strangers laugh.

gunner makes me laugh.
this beer run was real fun!

why do he?

he still wants to go outside...he would sink in this snow...
i love him.

mr. chips

i love him. you would love him too.

mark it

i like it...just sayin

dog pee tag!!!!!

i love snow. i love snow. and i have to admit, i love bad words.

BEAUTIFUL, right?!

dub made chili... it'was good!

i started dinner with christmas butter cookies! i love these, but ... they don't have as much sugar on them as they used to. dang

ohhhhhhhh snap, cornbread!!!!!

thank you dub

you see him?! or her?!

i just love it. more snow.

sun lovin



leaving for work...

i love the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie is from Phoenix, AZ...this was her first snow!
can you believe it? FIRST!
so, friends told her she had to make a snow angel...
she laid in the middle of the street to do it, and a car was coming...
she got up real fast like...

and this was her beautiful angel...wait?! is it?!

this is what she thought of the whole experience...ISN'T SHE FRICKEN CUTE!!!

leaving work, beautiful philly.

once again, I LOVE SNOW!


Hilary played the dork in this one. (light blue cardigan)

aaaaaaan Leslie played the dork in this one. (right)

mmmmmmm this was the best thing there...blue mashed potatoes...but they looked purple. they were good!!!


this was bean salad that we were NOT allowed to dip stuff in, cause Leslie said it was not a dip! it was a side dish. :)

CRAP, i didn't eat any of this...it was eggplant salad something...

sweet potato mash

Marianne made a point to give me Corelle, because (i'm being honest here, and not sarcastic...i know it's hard to believe...) I LOVE CORELLE!!!!
it's perfect. ha.