Hilary played the dork in this one. (light blue cardigan)

aaaaaaan Leslie played the dork in this one. (right)

mmmmmmm this was the best thing there...blue mashed potatoes...but they looked purple. they were good!!!


this was bean salad that we were NOT allowed to dip stuff in, cause Leslie said it was not a dip! it was a side dish. :)

CRAP, i didn't eat any of this...it was eggplant salad something...

sweet potato mash

Marianne made a point to give me Corelle, because (i'm being honest here, and not sarcastic...i know it's hard to believe...) I LOVE CORELLE!!!!
it's perfect. ha.


maliss said...

what sorta potluck was that? where was it? i wanna come next time!

kenzaloo said...

um, come next time please. oh please.

Buy Me a Soda said...

I LOVE THIS!! I can't wait to get back, I think it's gonna snow again tomorrow. :)