snack time

started my dinner off with some red vines. nbd. i love them sooooo much!

then i ate my real dinner, which was chili over potatoes. i topped that chili off with Ohio's most popular cheese. I had no idea Guiggisberg Swiss was so popular.
(i have to admit, i only bought this cheese because it mentions Ohio...)

Chilly Philly Ice Cream
uhhhhh, hello good ice cream. thank you!
yah, and i love the packaging. (i'll admit, that's basically the reason i bought it)

the other day i watched a girlie movie with my roommates, and i got mad when they showed one of the girls crying about a boy on the couch with a pint of ice cream. I just didn't think it was really true. I mean, I don't think of ice cream when i'm sad about a boy. oh but wait....last night i found myself sitting on the couch, eating ice cream out of its container. and crying to EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION.


maliss said...

Who doesn't cry to Extreme House Makeover? You'd have to be made of wood not to cry over that shit. I feel kinda cool when I eat out of a pint (did it when I first had MW) and I cried a lot...they go hand in hand. Crying and Cream.

Emily Glaubinger said...

i cry EVERY SINGLE TIME i see that show. god!

kenzaloo said...

i know i know, it's ridic