thank goodness for phone pics

these are just a few of the pics i got from Malissa. (great photographer btw)
Her George and her Matilda are amazing. just look for yourself.

Miss Matilda Wren and her first Lee Press-Ons

from what I remember, George wanted to wear this to walk Matilda to the school bus.
UMMMMMMMM EXCUSE MEEEE!!!!! coolest ever. him wanted to be a cozy lion for the day. (I SO WISH I HAD THAT COSTUME, I WOULD LIVE IN IT)

She dressed herself.
way too cool for school here.
thigh-highs with flip flops. wow. i love it so much.
too much.

this is George's basket on his bike. Malissa and him were taking a walk...and he was collecting these goods here (good english?). BEAUTIFUL!!!

these kids are soooo cool. look at her! Leopard sweater, PEACE sign, smurf mug.
chic is cool i'm tellin ya!

i cherish the above photo.
it makes my eyes happy, it makes my mind happy, it makes my heart happy.
rad rad rad

he let his mom tie the bow in his hair.
i love a boy/man that is secure enough to get "dressed up".
isn't he beautiful? oh, and, let's not forget the angel in the background.
geeeeeeze these kids are beauties.
p.s. above photo is KILLER!

oldie but SUCH a goodie....
just look at him.
do you want to squeeze him? cause i do.


The Black Spot Books said...

oh my goodness. so amazing these two.

maliss said...

Wow, Lou. You just made my eyes happy and my heart started singing when I saw that you had such goodness on your blog. I will destroy that sleepy head boy at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! And p.s. MW dressed herself in striped sox, silver plastic jelly/flips AND striped leg warmers. Of course. So she had both sox and warmers on at the time.
i love you so much!

kenzaloo said...

so rad. i wish i had the balls to wear (or have in my closet for that matter) silver jellies, and striped leg warmers... wow. gold