hard to believe...

i can't believe it's been a year ... today.
i miss my mom so much every-single-day.
i miss her horribly.

thank you friends and family for listening to me day after day...telling silly stories about my mom, or crying..yep, that happens too.

i miss you momma.
i miss you BAAAAAD!!!

p.s. mom-i hope you're not mad that you share a shrine with suebert.
for now anyway. hope you two are having a good time wherever you are.

missing and loving forever


what did i do to deserve a ZACK?!?!

i wanted this shirt real bad.
it was the display at some spot in Old City. ...
i pointed it out to Zack a long time ago, and well, it was delivered to me today.

Dear Zack,
I love you. Thank you.
I don't know how you knew i needed a pick-me-up, but i did.
Love Always,

da mini moonie...

i love when mini gets cozy.
she puts her feet together and stretches'em out.
it doesn't look comfortable to me at all, but damn is she relaxed...
oh aaaaaaaaand CUTE!!!!!



i'm not lying when i say this was a photoshoot for an appearance on the blog.
hahahaha...they rule. just look at'em. idiots.

yet another idiot = Lessel

oh, and another hot idiot = C Big (pimpin a D necklace and a Annette original)

that's me trying to take a pic of my awesome nail color in front of the guac, but gunner couldn't wait long enough...she just HAD to dig in. hahaha

i love BBQ'n it's sooooo good.

snack track

snack track
Originally uploaded by ZZZZACK
this photo is by Zack. i love it so much.

and another dream shop...

this one is so perfect. still has stuff on the shelves inside.
i wish i had the money, i wish i had the guts, i wish i had the balls.
i can get a loan for the money, but where does someone get balls and guts?

paid 5 bones

found her at the thrift store (actually, Lessel found her).
I've seen her before, not sure where. maybe my mom has her too?!
but, it's by Fritz Hug (sellin for 49.99 on ebay). and it's gonna look gooood in the new apartment.

i love rocks.

why? do i love rocks?

Red Hook, i love you.

random beauties.

this guy.

he loves the pile of giveaway clothes.
maybe he wants me to give him away too?


cherry cokes from Big Boy...mmmmm.

light love

things at B2

so good.

this guy seems right at home. am i right?

you can ask this guy (his name is Rocky) if he's hungry, and well, he tilts his head all concerned like.

when the suns going down


on your days off.....do you ever:

look at your chubby white stomach and ronald mcdonald hair in the mirror?

act like a tourist just to take your own photo in front of a cool wall?

oooOR take photos of yourself in a really awesome apron, just because there is really really good light outside, and and apron matches the light???

p.s. I DO.


meet director joe stakun

um. hello taco tuesday.

fried white cheese (don't ask for beans, they don't have them)
ohhhhh these were good. $1.50 each.
mmmmmmmmm La Lupe, thank you.

cosby show, i love you.

hey mayuu, member these???

i still miss you.

1,000th post!!!

dedicated to my favorite subject...cause, well, he'da bee dee!!!
i love him so.

he switched positions cause he didn't like his momma touching him.

you know i love him?!?