i know i know i know.......

amongst packing, moving, crying, laughing, painting, cleaning, working, talking, thinking, sleeping, billy kissing, breaking up with people you're not really dating, crying more, working more, going to ohio, meeting new babies, celebrating new marriages, leaving my phone in philly, aaaaaaaand a few other things, i haven't really had time to blog about all of it.
but soon friends. soon.



Erma...did it again.
ring by Emily Glaubinger

two peas in a pod

i want you.

i want to take care of you.
i want to spend my days with you.
i want to drive across the country with you.
i want to love you.

my lessel.

she hurt herself on her bike ... and she got a concussion ...
BUT she's ok.
which, i'm very very happy about.

hey everyone...let's all wear helmets please! we can even have a helmet decorating party. i'll provide the stickers.

the places he finds to get cozy in.

i love him.

stars and stripes



if malissa and monica owned a restaurant, this is what it would be called. just sayin.

you think they just locked up? or have they been there a while???

kitten in south philly.......

this kitten lives in Lia's backyard.
isn't it insanely cute?
i wish i could have it.


chrissy piper, once again, you steal my heart. ...


to see more of her photos, go here: c pipes




i don't want to give anything away, but i just have to post these. ...

i was never any good keeping presents till christmas...
joe and i under some balloons.

dying at something. i love this pic.




part of dr. dog

Poppy John
i love him.

behind the scene kids


all i have to say is...Ted Passon and Dave Dunn are working on a rad video that i got to be a part of, and i'm effing psyched!!! it's gonna be good.
keep your eyes peeeeeeeeled!!!!!!!

american idol...yeah, it's true.

she got 3 oysters and strawberry shortcake...hahahaha. awesome.

we all drank um, a little bit of some greyhounds.



why? we don't know. i think it was the extra beer gunner bought us.

where is leslie you ask? well, she is the hands of this photo.

singing and dancing to a JT cover. nbd

and we got to see this BABE!!!!!!
monica lee.

at work

i love you you you and you