made by miss matilda wren

i love these bracelets.
matilda "braided" them for me.
(she really just twisted them) :) remember that? not knowing how to braid, so we just twist, and somehow it's ok in our heads. it was a braid to us. it didn't matter who told us it wasn't.
i love these twisted braids. love.


mouse said...

Miss Matilda Wren...she hanthom!

mouse said...

I showed MW this post and she asked if it was on here for the whole world to see and I said yes and then she said, "Yessssssssss, I'm famous!"

kenzaloo said...

nooooooo she didn't!!! nooooo!!! oh my goodness. i'm more in love with her. wow. amazing. also, let her know i'll be needed another or so. k?!

mouse said...

already let her know...she's on it!

mouse said...

she said, when asked for a couple more for you..."oh sure, of course!"---amazing