what a day...

(my fave pic of the day above. i love it. Dave End is rad!)

helped Ted Passon and Carrie Collins with a Fabric Horse shoot...
was fun.

Gender Mountain. these two are GREAT.

Ted, Dave and Andrew

Mr. Joe Stakun

film crew

Miss Carrie Collins of Fabric Horse

babe of all babes, Gunner

Fabric Horse crew.

Kris Chau (babe)

RAD = Gender Mountain

naked boys riding bikes.

i heart this photo.

Tommy and his butt.

look at that hair, so good. (you should have seen her butt, she had the best one there...just sayin)

they had the right idea...two sweets right there.

oh my goodness. i love these two people. Dave Dunn and Ted Passon.


scotty and some other awesome boy.
just look at these two. ... i love it. notice the sock? nbd

wow. Joey and Tommy. doin what they do best.



Joey giving direction for the tandem...nude.

Patrick and Cecily

Kelly and Cecily

Tommy the mountain man.

Dave End



sunburned babe



Carrie Collins said...

Ummm why is there 0 comments on here yet. This was one of the BEST days!

mouse said...

wow. so many comments to give. #1 Your refs for the day were HOT! #2 Cecily with all those freckles...damn, son! HOT! #3 Gunner? Come the fuck on! Why are you so much of a delish babe? Your life DOES rock! #4 Naked boys on bikes with argyle socks and eating watermelon together and givin tandem directions in the buff...amazing. #5 Lou=simply beautiful. Your mama woulda been raisin her brows up and down. Tasty girl. #6 The entire day looks hot (both temp and sitch) #7 Ted does rule!

kenzaloo said...

malissa...thank you. it was a great day!