BEWARE: this one kills

yet another reason why i miss her.

i love you my baby girl.
i miss my kids!

Dear Kenzie,
By the time you get this - you'll be all well - your crazy life style will be in full swing and tonight will be a faded memory. Just thinking of you and how unfair life is... the people you love the most are all scattered all over and you want to share their lives but... I didn't raise any of you to be up my butt. I am so proud of each of you for branching out and trying new things. What I hate is that when you are alone - or times are tough I can't help - I am physically sick, I ache because I can't be there to care for you. I always get like this when I'm frustrated. I hurt inside when Monica got robbed - or she is sick all alone - sad - it kills me. When Lissa is struggling with the kids when they are sick or she is down - I think I can fix it. I can't!!! I just think I can. Peach traveling and being homesick - missing all of us - unsure of his decisions - it's pitiful when he calls and I can't fix it. When Michael is soooooo down I can hardly know what to do - I just pray - I ask God to hold you all up - keep you in his care. I adore each of you. I love you all for loving each other too. God Bless You. I know you'll get well super fast. I love, love, love you.
Momma X

I was one lucky gal having a mom like that.


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Tonya said...

Oh my God Kenz!!!!!

Your Mother was absolutely AMAZING!!!! She had an unbelievable amount of love for each of you! All five of the McAlpin clan children were insanely blessed to have a Mother like that, for the time that you all did!! So so lucky!!!! Many people do not get that opportunity, and you guys did, how awesome!!!

I must say, that I am envious of the reIationship that you 5 had with her!! I was so, so, so excited to be gaining her as a Mother!!!! She gave amazing advice, listened wonderfully, had the BEST since of humor, and gave perfect tickles!!!! I LOVED chatting with her! I love her and miss her deeply!!!

She was taken way too soon, and she is missed greatly!!!!! The love that she had for all of you showed strongly and still does to this day, in fact I'm pretty sure it will show forever, through you all and your children too!!! So when you are feeling down, lost, sick, homesick, scared, etc. Use the letters and memories that you have, to pick yourself back up!!!! She was perfect for that!!!!!!

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!! <3

Rose said...

Fuck...well, wasn't planning on that one tonight. That's one to fill the eyes with tears. Big time. Anyway, damn..nothing perfect to say. But, she loved loved loved. And we were all lucky to be part of her life, and love her back. Fuck. Love you.

Ps...hummingbirds have been chasing each other 3 days in a row. always think of your mom

kenzaloo said...
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Killer said...

please stop trying to make me cry