oh wow. oh how i love these.

my o my

mac and cheese party!!!

gunner and i went to west philly
for this party... lots of mac and lots of love...

mac pizza.


zack himself with his plate full of mac!

mac and cheese cupcakes!!!
biscuit, mac/cheese, bbq, tomato and bacon bits

lots o peeps

and love

zack's "zack and cheese"

this was my favorite part of the party.
bruce (above) and vesuvious (below)
they are brother and sister, and i am in love.
that's that.

morning times


what a perfect breakfast!

oatmeal, apple, coconut, raisons, brown sugar and earth balance...

ummmmmmmm, zaaaaaack!!!

oh da beedee

he loves me, and gunners computer bag.


first day i threw it together, not half as beautiful as yours.
but good.

second time i made it i added walnuts!!!
(i left out the jam...)

my friend lindsey rome started a blog:
lots of good food stuff on there, i'm tellin ya!
if you want check it out here.



he's awful...so awful, awful, awful ... and he turned the screen blank.
bad bad bad billy.
i love him so much.

thanks jamie.


just perfect.

my 31st birthday with the grizzly.

i love him.

meeeeeeee....being 31 at breakfast.

aren't they perfect? they are.

mmmmmmmmm my dinner, since i turned 31. duh.

oh, dessert, how i love thee.
thanks grizzly for a wonderful day.

all girl 31st birthday party...

ha, dub put up awesome decorations!!!
(gross, in a good way)

this is a staged surprise, just so you know.

dub and tricia dancing while eating!!

gunner and biggles

thank you girls.
i love you.




my sister, malissa, writes on her blog.
and sometimes she writes about things like this:

me: "Matilda, please leave the boys alone, no more taking their bikes, etc."
matilda: "sigh...."Ok, I guess I'll just play a game called All Alone & No Fun."


G: "Do you like it with me or without me?"
Me: "I like it with you."
G: "Well, why did you sign me up for school then?"
GEORGE, 5yrs

"I'm so glad I'm not a girl cause when I have a baby I get to go to work and I don't have to clean its poop"
GEORGE, 5yrs

Matilda: "Hey, mom look at this. George's (Lego) guys is dressed as Indiana Jones but he turned into a skeleton so the 'Jones' part became 'Bones' and now his name is 'Indiana Bones!' --MATILDA, 8yrs

and i like to call those quotes GOLDEN.
straight GOLD.

(G=George, M=Matilda, Me=Malissa)