my sister, malissa, writes on her blog.
and sometimes she writes about things like this:

me: "Matilda, please leave the boys alone, no more taking their bikes, etc."
matilda: "sigh...."Ok, I guess I'll just play a game called All Alone & No Fun."


G: "Do you like it with me or without me?"
Me: "I like it with you."
G: "Well, why did you sign me up for school then?"
GEORGE, 5yrs

"I'm so glad I'm not a girl cause when I have a baby I get to go to work and I don't have to clean its poop"
GEORGE, 5yrs

Matilda: "Hey, mom look at this. George's (Lego) guys is dressed as Indiana Jones but he turned into a skeleton so the 'Jones' part became 'Bones' and now his name is 'Indiana Bones!' --MATILDA, 8yrs

and i like to call those quotes GOLDEN.
straight GOLD.

(G=George, M=Matilda, Me=Malissa)


mouse said...

this post makes me smile and tear up at the same time...thanks for doing it, lou. I love you.

yttr said...

her kidz are sickeningly awesome.

kenzaloo said...

yes yotts, they are!!!

nicole andrijauskas said...

holy pig in a tiger suit! where did you come up with that pic? my guess is those little ones just need a momma and tiger needs some babies. thank you!!!