my 31st birthday with the grizzly.

i love him.

meeeeeeee....being 31 at breakfast.

aren't they perfect? they are.

mmmmmmmmm my dinner, since i turned 31. duh.

oh, dessert, how i love thee.
thanks grizzly for a wonderful day.


nicole andrijauskas said...

no offense to your man, but look how damn sparkly that ketchup is!...and happy birthday btw!!!! xo

mouse said...

31, nbd. So we have a Grizzly in the fam now? Joining the likes of moose, duck, sloth....Welcome, Grizz, welcome!

Tonya said...

Oh crap, am I the sloth :-( ?!

kenzaloo said...

lol. dude, i don't know who's who in that line up. lol