i don't live here, but a girl can dream can't she?!

welcome to the home of adam wallacavage

i need and love above piece.

he made that!

mostly need above piece.

he made that too.

and that, he made that too.

the studio!

look at that octopus chandelier. ... love.


check out more of his stuff here:


H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Wow!!! Did you take these photos?!

mouse said...

Oh.My.Sweet.Potato.PIE!!!!!!!!!! I am pretty sure that I am head over heels in love with Mr. Adam WallaCavage.....truly. I'm sure of it. 100% sure. Holy smokes. He is out of this world talented and I'm sure he's looking for a married overweight mother of two to share his life with...am I right?

kenzaloo said...

yep, bet so mouse.

mouse said...

I mean...an octopus chandelier??? What the what? Guess who's turning 40 soon??? The same overweight mother of two....

naughtymess said...

wow i just love all of these! holy shit!

noirohio vintage said...

um..... OBSESSED with the octo chandelier!!!
fucking amaizng.
Don't tell me they're sooo expensive ;/

kenzaloo said...

oh maggie, yah, i'm sure they're insanely expensive. but ... i don't know for sure. they are so good...so so so good.