poor things.

makes me a little sad, you?


polly said...

me too. makes me sad. around here you can drop your tree at the entrance of the park and they make mulch. It smells amazing. my fav snap shot of yours is the two trees, one the shopping cart and one sitting next to the cart. They look just like two kids hangin out.

kenzaloo said...

i know i know i know!!! i almost didn't put that one in the bunch, cause it makes me more happy than sad. hahaaha

mouse said...

So sad....takes those beebees 15 yrs to be a big Xmas tree and then they get tossed....poor fings. That's not being "green" at all. And I, too, love the two kids hangin out in their cart..sorta like a mama with her kid in the cart just out for a walk. Love it! You did a great job with these pics, Lou!