philly streets.

fun new things looking like fun old things. 


this was stressful and fun. thank you.

 the help, (minus my Justin and my Lessel)
couldn't have done it without them.

 they saw my show over the phone!!! 

 surprisers. xoxoxo

 this table is heaven.

just getting around to thinking about how great this was.
hell yes.

what a good day. i miss you Leo.

 drawing by George Oliver
 photo by Lindsey Rome
photo by Jamie Lidell

hate'm and i love'm, iphones. ..

 high school.

 baby Dennis aka Buddy

 i just took the picture.

 facetime saves lives.


 miss this guy. 

 he's my favorite.

 too big, too big. Matilda and George.

 Chrissy Piper visits heal hearts. 

 girls girls girls, what would i do without them?!

 I made my boyf some car swag, he's not so into it. (penis and vagina gear)

 more babe hangs.

 work rules sometimes.

 again, what would I do without them?

 hello friends.



 Mr. John Hollis, uhhhhh.... he's the coolest.

 see, told ya.

 oh yeah, duh, fave. ugh, love.

 house warming gifts by yours truly, lol


 fall, it was amazing this year.

 accidentally i dressed like Mario, Billy added the stach.

 single chics gettin married.

 Noah dear. 

 my main squeeeeeeze.

 conversations about daydreamz

the old and the new.