i had a subscription to Details Magazine because of this photo shoot.

he was my biggest crush. in '94, like whoa!

i had these photos taped up on my wall.
dream boat.

oh man.



you better check my blog.

love always,


a note left for me.

thank you chau.

they live together now,

in a big cookie jar.
hope you enjoy each others company.

the world is loving us.

mine now.

ranunculus, oxalis (come to find out, she will be blooming some rose colored flowers for me someday), baby's tears, and a tiny begonia....
you inspire me

i like you.

DAY TWO of gardening...

doesn't look like much, i know.
but we added coffee grounds, leaves and we saved as many worms as we could while digging and mixing. ... planted beets (4-5 diff. kinds), radishes, lettuces, beans.... and left lots of room for tomatoes. it's so exciting to plant the seeds and wish them well!!!
the back raised garden is for veggies, and that side part (to the left) is for flowers.
we'll see what happens!!!
oh, i can't wait.

yes, this happened.

aren't you just in love with this moment?
i am.


aw, shucks. thanks.

malissa: YOU.

hi friends. shu'doing?

sometimes, it's all i need.

fun times.

i'm mad for him.

dear chau,

it's not even close to being all gone. xo.
even the rain can't take it away.
love always,


oh pipes, i love you.

got it. 10 am wednesday. will do.

ok. sure. yah, i'll live here.

gas stained I LOVE YOU TOO MOUSE!!!

thank you for the photo malissa.


girls brunch in janelle's world...

the kitchen

the living room

dreamy entryway

the dining room, just look at that table!!!

light love

her bedroom. perfect.

her closet. come on now! could it get better?

a bathroom window

spare room

and last but not least, the downstairs bathroom.
i love it soooo much! don't you?!