comedy dreamz

 Joanna Quigley and Bobby Gonzales,
stand-up'en and singen and erykah badu'en.

 Laris Kreslins makin us laugh. and laugh.

 Club Lyfestile dancin it up and posing with Andrew, Billy and Rose.

 the sweets and the funnyz Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Billy Blaise Dufala,
two idiots.

 Leslie face dancin, alone. poor thing.

was a good time.

more about Comedy Dreamz HERE

isn't he fantastic?!?

he lives at Greensgrow Farm, in North Philly.
It's beautiful there, and they are super duper helpful!!!
go buy stuff and support them!!!

this makes me so very happy.

thanks you two. . ... for being you two.

mix and match


succulent time

I love succulents. Just when you think they're dead... they start budding.

 you can just stick pieces of them in the dirt, and they start all over again.

 aren't they the cutest?!?!

 i found a tiny piece of christmas cactus at Ikea and took it home with me, now look at him!!!

 brought the dudes outside to get some air and some sun.

even this dude.

saw this dude.

Tricia, what is he again?

Nancy Trachtenberg sculpture art

her name is Banancy.

shout out to Matilda Wren. ...

Love Always, you're geekiest Aunt Monk
p.s. you're growing too fast. STOP!

AKA Tricia's birthday breakfast!!!

this is beautiful, but r u joking?!?
I think she said her, and her cats, lived on this for like 2 wks.



dear malissa,

that's all I wanted to say.




 2 plots before weeding and clearing.

 2 plots after.

I hope my Mom is psyched on this, wherever she may be.
I'm slowly learning, very slow... but I'm excited about what could happen.
tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes......strawberries, peppers, dill, basil, parsley... the list goes on, but it begins and ends with tomatoes for me.

anyway, happy mothers day.
(((i miss the shit out of mine.)))



post massage

i don't normally get massages... so i didn't realize i looked like this when i went to get a coffee afterward. the barista asked "is everything ok?" ... 
i was so confused and i was like "uh, yah."
then i went into the bathroom and realized that i looked like my boyfriend and i broke up. 
hahaha lord.
crease face mascara eyes


hello friend.

sometimes i go to parties, and i get awkward.
and then. ... i look for friends like these to ease my anxiety.
i'm thankful for friends like this.

rocks are the coolest

 jettie, built by Billy. ... with some help from me. some.

 the love seat lounge chair thing
(above = back)
(below = front with ottoman coffee table)

 rock dude.

mini rock burger = love

this is heaven to me.



 day 1
 day 1 plus day 2
day 3

just findin gold, no big deal.

visual healthware

yes, that's what those are called.
again, visual healthware.

it's my rock.

it's a snaggle rock.
best thing everrrrrr!!!!!

(thank you billy)