rocks are the coolest

 jettie, built by Billy. ... with some help from me. some.

 the love seat lounge chair thing
(above = back)
(below = front with ottoman coffee table)

 rock dude.

mini rock burger = love

this is heaven to me.


Welcome said...

where is this?

mouse said...

holy smokes, lou. that looks unreal. those rocks are to die for!!! You built furcher out of rocks!!! And a mini burger...come on! I love it.

sissy said...

what did you guys do on that love seat? listen to rock&roll? talk about hard times? did things get rough & tumble? ok i'll stop i'm embarrassing myself. that's amazing.

kenzaloo said...

um, not embarrassing, not in the slightest j-nan! hilarious you fucker. hahaha. xoxox