UH OH!!!!!!! get ready.....

thank you sweet boyfriend for an insane christmas/birthday gift.
thank you thank you thank you thank you.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
can you believe it?
i can't. not at all.
but it's mine, and i'm so excited!

oh breakfast, how i love you.

egg in the basket french toast made with egg nog.

happy birthday jesus band.

they know how to hype up a party.
fun fun fun!!!!!

oh, by the way. ... i finished my scarf.

woooooooo hoooooo!!!
first scarf... yessss.

ew. creep.

sometimes philly is that perfect color.

Eye's Gallery, I'm in love with you.


Tricia made the Crawlspace a batch of Bailey's.

it was good.

lunar eclipse party time.

he took the best spot in the house.

always loved this tag.

been noticing it since i moved here.
it's perfect.

romantic dinner for two. me and you.

what a collection.

they make me happy.


for a friend that hurt her lip. (bad)(but she's ok)(thankfully)

reactions guaranteed!!
"were you crafting earlier?, cause you have some glitter on your face."

i glued ritz crackers and pepper to a clear band-aid (this one kills me)

i made these guys, no big deal really!
got help with the writing from my clever Lessel bug.

oh hello there.

he got more handsome.


if i were a cactus.

my new friend Paul. he gave me this cactus, because it most resembles who i am.
it's got little hooks all over it.
so, i don't hurt people, i hook'em.
also, i guess i bloom flowers inside of flowers.
it's gonna be cool when cactus me does that.
can't wait.

billy likes my autograph t-shirt. but he refuses to sign it.

oh my. you are the perfectest window ever.

winter is DEFINITELY here.

oh topstitch. you kill me.

i'll have one of each PUH-LEASE!!!
more stuff bout them here: TOPSTITCH
p.s. this place is also full of really helpful super creative babes too. just sayin

the smartest man i know

it's cold and well..the dryer is warm.