blog on hold for a bit.
i'm figuring out a way to go further with it and trying to figure out how i can not pay.
i'm not allowed to upload any more photos. i've reached my limit.
bla bla bla...


um, monica.

yes, she sat in the back of the of the car until we noticed her.
she even started to freak herself out.
and totally awesome at the same time.

blowing out the candles!!!!

oh wait, you can't blow sparklers out.
pretty though right?!
happy happy birfdeeeeee

yes, pink krispies.

i never knew they could get better.


i didn't bring the right gear for a basketball game with the fam. so i borrowed malissa's shoes, george's hat and yellow jacket. i looked real good.

i recommend a good basketball game for all families.

seeeee, i look so good. (malissa does too, dribblin'it up)

monica noticed that in this pic she's blocking no one. good times.

oh, how i wish i could do this every single day.

monica layup.

mackenzie layup (or is it mackenzie? could be grams)

and georgey!!! :)

so pretty

she went shopping for eggs, fries, butter, peanuts, donuts, bread, salt, brownies, cookies and chips.

he had to count ONE HUNDRED of something for school.


i love malissa's house and it's little "moments". . . .

don't you?

how long have i been wanting you......

malissa gave me her old granny dresses.
oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!
i've been wanting these since i was, hmmm, i don't know since i was twelve maybe.
psyched!!! and mouse, i'll take such good care!

my fave.

cinnamon, honey, soy milk and espresso.
oh yum, i love you in the morning.

found, next to a mini van... of course.

when you need them, they're there.

for malissa. ... ...


was fun.