screen shots

i miss you schmoodie.


fireworks and monkey bread.

 perfection by Malissa Lee

who needs anything else?
what a good time.
sanks east. xo


one of my most prized possessions:

 meet Demi Moore as Molly Jensen

meet Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat

and see them perform one of the most important scenes of their careers, in Ghost.
so sexy.

the woman who made these. ... she's the one who birthed me. she raised me. she taught me. she loved me. she's my hero.

a really really good show

 favorite. Neolithic age (5000 - 3000 BCE) vase and paint

 those photos are my favorite too. come on.
dropping a Han dynasty urn. woops

 seed pearls

 ok, another favorite.

 the photo room with tv's flipping through tons and tons of photos. ... i could have stayed there all day. i loved them.

 pretty sure he called those two photos a "perspective study" or something like that.