what a beautiful day. .....

new pier built by the ben franklin bridge...it's soooooo pretty!!!
johnny brenda's whiskey donut and virgin bloody mary.
myyyyyyyyyy o myyyyyyyyyy
kensington kinetic sculpture derby and arts festival...
was fun!
big scary lion! i love him.
anybody know who the boy in the front right is?
he knew who i was. he yelled "hey mackenzie, remember me?"
... i don't ... sorry.
fang in a bag. he's so handsome.
that's henry, he loooooooves strawberries!
and so do i.
beautiful huh?!

me me and more me

so awesome right?
i love them.

dear tricia,

i love them. thank you.

a cupcake day.

which one...

my ice plant blooooomed!!!

is that good?!

minds me


yes please.

i'll have both please!

ohhhhh nooooo!!!

(he looks like the beeedeee boppo)



um, excuuuuuuuuse me!!!!

bar times.

went to this bar.

drank this drink.

and saw this dude.

gunner, thanks for the sweet hang sesh.

girls brunch on mothers day.


above = cornmeal pancakes = heaven

above on the left = buttermilk biscuit with honey and butter = i need nothing else in this life (total exaggeration, but still).

and WELL. ... above looks good too, but carbs is where it's at for me.
just sayin.
i want to go back to Catahoula!!!

sidewalk art

for mother's day

i did something i thought my mom would do.
something i knew she would be proud of me for doing, even though i had
no clue how to.

i turned these window boxes:

into THESE window boxes!!!

i hope they grow and fill out and go crazy.
i used some annuals (petunias, which aren't my fave, but the color was nice) and some perennials (ex. sage and lemon thyme, potato vine, and some other randoms).
i want them to get big!

and i've decided that for every mother's day, i will be planting. ...

i will be planting, something, because she would love that.