for mother's day

i did something i thought my mom would do.
something i knew she would be proud of me for doing, even though i had
no clue how to.

i turned these window boxes:

into THESE window boxes!!!

i hope they grow and fill out and go crazy.
i used some annuals (petunias, which aren't my fave, but the color was nice) and some perennials (ex. sage and lemon thyme, potato vine, and some other randoms).
i want them to get big!

and i've decided that for every mother's day, i will be planting. ...

i will be planting, something, because she would love that.


Tonya said...

Awesome Kenz!!!! That's what we started last year!! So good and she would totally love that!!!

Those boxes look great!!!

mouse said...

Nice job, Lou. I planted, too, on our Mama's Day. That would make her so very berry hippy. All great choices for your boxes. Your boxes look great. Nice box job, Lou. Boxin it up on Mama's Day...that was you. BoxLady.