rest in peace my beautiful uncle b.

there will never be another man like you.
i love you so much.
now you're laughing with our momma.
perfect match.
what a good good good man.
love always


williamsburg bridge



pig bank


k swiss


someone was willing to get into trouble for spray painting THIS.
someone set out to spray paint this.



haven't seen one of you in a while.

you're GROUNDED!

i want you

my bed.

how old am i?!

um, did you paint this?

upper right of photo, ya kiddin?

look at the sidewalk.
seriously? haha

thank you.



dead wasp


these kitties live behind walmart along the Delaware.
someone builds these homes, and feeds them.

this dude couldn't have cared less that i was there.
he looked at me, then fell back asleep.
chillin in the sun.
thank you to the people that take such good care of these kitties.

birdwatchin on the Delaware

washington ave. green, you should check it out!

awesome bird watchin dudes.

cool looking mulch fungus guys

aphids covering the stem

love lambs ear

bur cucumber

black willow tree (what a good name)

thank you Tony, for a wonderful morning!!!

hey abbey.

remember when i picked this crushed car up in the target parking lot and looked at the little kid like he was gonna be jealous...and then i said something like "it's mine"
hahahahaha, you love me.


our birthday girl.

wish we could do this all the time polly.
i love you.

fall, i love you.

i wish it never had to end.