one night, a very long time ago.

mayuu, gunner, justin and i sat around drawing... this is what happened.
where would YOU be if you turned left instead of right?
by justin

oh, i think the above was by me, not sure what i was drawing, maybe my happiest time or something. ...

mayuu if she turned left instead of right.

random portrait of me by justin.

GUNNER if she turned left instead of right ... duuuuuude, so good.

gunner's happy moment

aaaaaaaaaand me if i turned left instead of right. real good job mackenzie on this drawing. real good job.

i loved this night.
i think maybe we all did.

1 comment:

maliss said...

i see you gave yourself a rel nice rack when you turned into a naked unicorn girl taking a left instead of a right.
gunner's buck teef and corn dog are unreal.
justin's art makes me ill. he's amazing.