brunch, dinner, and a fashion show

brunch with Dub and Gunner. The Royal..yum.

it's christmas time!!!

THE POPE. i love the pope.

mmmmmmm Kenzinger

looks like the moon kinda, huh?!


fashion show host, Rose...and the pregnant interviewer...she's purty.


Fabric Horse, Miss Carrie Collins

Gunnnnnnnnnnnner Loooooooooooove

Oh heeeeey Nick!!!!

fashion show, full of cute chics, rad stuff, and awesome hair!!!

i get jealous of how pants fit boys. dear boy with hand in pocket, your pants fit you really good. just sayin

disco ball, how i love them.

i think this picture is so funny, so, uh, i had to include it.

nick cerruti.......why you so handsome?!

girls girls girls