i love the color of the light...

when you look through the glasses above, you see hearts!
one of the best gifts, from MX. i love.

reason #1 why i wake up...so i can squeeze him while he's still sleeping.

reason #2 why i wake up, because he stares at me until...

this happens. foooooood.

if my mom was in control of feeding me, i guess i would stare at her until she got out of bed too. ha. why is food so good.

oh and p.s. is it cool to eat Red Vines for breakfast?


maliss said...

Man, it's cool to eat Red Vines on the terlit! Wherever and Whenever, baby!
p.s. my word was 'rehabi'....should I try it out on someone? My friend is a Coke Head, she needs to go to Rehabi???? Think it would work?
p.s.s. You are posting quicker than I can post. SLOWER DOWN!
p.s.s.s. The light in your room...now that makes my eyes happy.

kenzaloo said...

i aint got no more posts. and i'm off to breakfast. and billy is fast asleep again. he's the dreamiest.
oh and p.s. i looooooove that you make your own definitions out of the "words"
effin REHABI.
duuuuude, so good.

maliss said...

what or who is hanging from your ceiling fan? Care me a dafe!

kenzaloo said...

a dreamcatcher mouse...it aint scary