With Volpe.
her dad found her under his car. he didn't want her, he only liked big dogs.
since Volpe was old when he found her, he had a hard time finding her a home...
so he kept her. and he said "i used to only want big dogs, but i'm secure enough in my manhood to say that from here on out, i only want stuffed animals"
he said there will never be a better dog for him. he loves her soooo much.
Volpe (means Fox in Italian) is a stuffed animal FOR SURE!!!
she's deaf and blind, and AMAZING!!!!!
love at first sight for me, i don't know about you.


maliss said...

Man oh man. She's deaf AND blind and her daddy named her Volpe? That's too much. And she is on a striped chair? And her daddy loves her so much and that makes me love her daddy. So sweet! Her daddy loves her and found her and takes real good care of her. OH MY!

tricia said...

omg. love. who bees volpe's diddy? daddy loves baby.

kenzaloo said...

daddy does love baby. lol